What's In My Bag?

My bag is from Topshop and I think that it was around £50. It is in the style of a satchal and has a long adjustable strap. The fabric is a soft distressed leather (pleather) and has gold detailing. My favorite thing about this bag is that you can fill it up with everything you could think of and it will not get heavy! Also I like how there are different ways you can hold it.

 I don't tend to carry much around with me, only the essentials. I also don't carry much makeup, unless I'm staying at a friends, so I only take things for a midday pick me up.

1) Chanel Mascara: This is a sample I got as a gift and I love it! I just wish that the full size isn't so expensive.
2) Topshop Blush in Neon Rose: I love this blush as it gives a really natural flush.
3) Duracell Batteries: I know incredibly random, but it was in my bag, so I'm going to include them. I used them for my film camera, so that it didn't go dead on me when I was in Paris, I just never took them out of my bag.
4) Posietint: I like to use this on my lips.
5) Charger: I use this on the train sometimes if they have any plug sockets, to charge my phone.
6) Umbrella: I live in England, so this is a must have!
7) Sunglass Pair Number 1: These were given to me for my birthday from a friend, I think she got them in a market.
8) Purse: This is from Topshop.
9) Sunglass Pair Number 2: Because you can never have too many sunglasses..... (Primark £1.00)
10) Mirror
11) Vaseline: Coaco Butter is my favorite scent.
12) Mac Lip Balm: I love this lip balm as it make s my lips so soft and it has the best vanilla scent.
13) Wet wipes: In case of emergencies.
14) French Cosmopolitan: This was given to me by my friend, who lives in France, I like to read it because of the pictures and also it makes me look like I can speak French!


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