Autumn Nail Polish Picks!

These are some of my favorite nail polishes for autumn and winter.

1) Topshop: Sandstorm

I love how this nail polish isn't just a flat nude shade as it has red and pink shimmers in it which gives it more depth.  --2 coats--  4/5

 2) Topshop: Gypsy Night

This is one of my favorite autumn winter shades as the multicoloured glitter in it make it stand out and gives it a christmas/new year vibe. --2 coats-- 4/5
 3) Ciate: Dangerous Affair

This is a great nail polish for the winter as gives your nails a very polished look (no pun intended:) ) and it goes with just about anything!  --1 coat-- 5/5
4) Ciate: Wait Until Dark

Last but certainly not least we have Wait Until Dark which is a  shimmery purple shade. This attracts the light really well  and it is a perfect autumn shade! --1 coat-- 4/5

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